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June 30, 2012
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(mkay, so i gots a request from :iconkiddopolis: to make this, let me know if this is a fail......alright! here goes my pretties!)

It was another (not so) normal day in Death City, for you. You were originally born in Europe, but your cousin in America told you about the school he goes to, the Death Weapon Miester Academy, or the DWMA. Your cousin was a weapon, a Bow and arrow, well you use your soul wavelength to create the arrows so I guess he's just a bow. From what your mother discovered, you were a mister. You told him as soon as you could, and that's when you found out he was a weapon. What does this have to do with anything, well thanks to your cousins (and your own) convincing, you got to fly to Death City, Nevada to stay with him. All of this leads up to when you started to attend the academy, and met the person you fell for on sight, Death the Kid. Yep, thats right, you fell for the headmasters son. Trust me every day you had to dress to impress, trying to be as symmetrical as possible.

 Today was the same as ever, your usual outfit of a white button up, blue jeans with your belt (the buckle is like Lord Deaths mask), and your grey hoodie with a white rose on the back, and to top it off, your great-great-grandmothers necklace that was passed down in your family to you. It was a simple gold heart locket, but inside was a picture of your Mom, and Dad. You clip the necklace on, tying your (h/c) locks back into a pony-tail (in the center of your head of course!)  and head down stairs for breakfast.

~TIME SKIP~ (XP Elyse, now you have me doing this! XD)

"Hey! ______!!! OVER HERE~!!" You and Jax (its Jackson, but thats your nickname for him, your cousin) turn around to see Liz, Patty, and Kid. Jax jabbs your side with his elbow playfully, "Yo, _______ , look its your lover~" Jax snickers. You blush, "SHUT UP!!!" You yell earning the looks of others already seated in the classroom, flustered you don't realise Kid walks up to you. "Hello,______, you're looking very ....symmetrical today." He says with a smile, your blush darkens dramatically. "T-thanks K-kid." You hear Patty giggle, and Liz sigh.

 Class starts and before homework is sent out, the speakers go on in the room, "*ehem* Would Death the Kid, Elizabeth and Patrica Thomson report to the Death Room along with, ______ ______ and Jackson Anderson, thank you." Lord Death's cheery voice announces. On the way to the Death Room, the four of them talk and you just stay in silence.

 You were greeted by Lord Death when you walked in, "Hello, Hello! What can i do for you 5? Hmmm?" All of you sweat drop, "Hello, Father, you called us here. Why?" Shinigami-sama laughs slightly at himself, "Ah! Seems I forgot for a moment! Anyway, the reason I called you here is because I have a mission for you." You gasp, and start to ramble off in Italian ,"Oh mio Dio! Una missione dal Signore stesso Morte! No way!" All of them look at you confused. "Oh! Sorry! When I get excited I ramble off in my native hehehe..?" You scratch the back of your neck, your cheeks flushed in embarassement. You all turn back to Shinigami-sama and he continues to explain, "There have been a lot of reports of human souls being consumed in this area," Lord Death points at a map that came out of no-where, at a small town in the South-East Italy region. 'My home! What is a monster like that doing there?!?' You think to yourself, "I need you 5 to go and stop it. Before you ask Kid, the reason I'm having _______ and Jackson go with you Liz and Patty is because I was told there was many more than one." Kid nodds. You grin at the thought of returning home, 'Maybe I can visit Mama?' "Well then, I have one question left," Everyone looks at you, "when do we leave?"

Lord Death jumps around, "That's the spirit! All of you will have everything settled by tomorrow, I'll have a plane send you to Italy." All of you nod, and you couldn't wipe the grin off of your face.

~Time Skip...Again! You're in Italy now~~

After a day of getting aquainted with the new scenery and time zone, and getting information on the soon to be Kishins the 5 of you left for the murderers location, Kid on Beezlbub with Liz and Patty in their weapon form, and you and Jax on a motorbike you had rented.

  You all finally arrive at the wearhouse, You hear Liz whinning and bickering about how, "Its so creepy!" and "Are you sure this is the place?" and Patty was just giggling away like her usual self. You try to comfort Liz a little, but she still doesn't believe you. For safety reasons, all of you resonated souls before you were on the property, so Liz and Patty were still in twin gun form and Jax was in his bow form. When you were close to the house you started to whisper to Jax that maybe you two could visit your mother (his aunt) after the mission. You could tell he was smiling, the last time he got to see his aunt, was before he moved to Death City. (He was from New York) You hear a low grumble and you look at Kid and whisper,"Did you hear that?" He nods, you have to restrain from laughing at Liz's responce, "What!? What noise?!? Ahhh....I don't have a good feeling about this..."

 You see the bush next to Kid shift, and a body pounces out at him, "Kid! Look out!" you yell. Kid gasps and starts to shoot at the one of the things you were hunting. You thanked the heavens that it was asymmetrical, assuming the others were also, so Kid would be more than happy to kill it. You 'draw' a soul wavelengh arrow and shoot it, slicing through the monsters throat, the arrow lodged in between both sides of the monsters neck. You don't need to worry about aiming too much, you've been doing archery for so long this is like target practice, except the target is moving.

     The battle for your lives continues until Kid is caught off guard and is knocked over by the last one left, the beast takes it large knife like claws and gets ready to strike Kid down, but you drop Jax and run towards Kid without a second thought. "KID!!!!!"

 "NO! _______, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" was the last thing you hear before-



 You colapse about a foot away from Kid, four humungous gashes across your back, each scratch opened to about 2 or 3 inches, your blood covered the ground. Kid sat there in shock. You just gave your life up for him. Jax runs over to you and Kid shooting arrows non-stop until the beast dropped and all that was left was its rotten, bright red soul. Jax was in tears, "______, no....why..? Why did you do this?" You send Jax a weak smile,

      "Why are you crying? Aren't you happy? We get to see mama, right? Don't tell me you're chickening out on me?" That brought more tears to his eyes as he dropped to his knees before you. You look to Kid trying very hard to do that simple task, you knew that you were dying, but you wouldn't accept it. You felt a droplet of water hit your face,"Not you too Kid...Don-" You were interupted by Kid carefully grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours, quick, but very passionate. "I'm so sorry, ______, I'm so sorry!" You caress his face catching a tear with the pad of your thumb, "Don't cry......Kid, I....I," You whisper fading to the black known as death. Jax consumes the monsters soul as you fade and become a soul. Your soul takes in your form and caresses Kid's face one last time, "Goodbye, Kid....Te amo...." More tears slip down the shinigami's face along with the three other weapons, the last words from the person you loved, "Te amo...._______"

     Once everyone back at the school heard the news, those who knew you weapt, teachers and students alike. When Jax told your mother about what happened she was in tears, and clutched your father as he also let a few tears slip. There was a memorial for your passing. You were honored in the DWMA for your sacrifice for Kid. You were never forgotten. Jax had no choice he had to find another partner, he stil grieves, but manages. Liz, Patty, and Kid, they try to move on, Kid was the most effected. Your last words still rung in his head, "Goodbye, Kid....Te amo...." The young shinigami loved you dearly, to where it was past symmetry. He felt you die, so did Liz, Patty, and Jax, because when you were still in resonance.


  You were never forgotten, you became a legend and most importantly.......The man you loved returned your feelings.

OH MY GOD. i feel so terrible for writing this!!! I was crying at the death. DX If you know the nightmare before christmas then you'll know Sally's song well i was listening to Amy Lee's version so it was complete over kill for me. Here's the link to the video:[link]
So, here's your angsty story :iconilovekiddo-kun4eva:.....I blame you, cause you made me write this which made me cry....XCCCC
Soul Eater (c) Funimation and the person who made the Manga (SORRY,I DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS......OKAY!)
You (c) You, Kid, and.....Jesus.....NAH, just you~
this story (c) Moi~
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BookWormOfTheCentury Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
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