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Seriously though, I have kept so many of you waiting //and im sorry omg am i sorry//
And I just wanted to say that I am back (or atleast Im trying to be) and ready for action!!!!!

I am not taking requests at the moment bc i don't feel like disappointing y'all again, but I will be posting more stories and xreaders and stuff so just hang tight!!

Aight, I love you guys and I'll see you in the next upd8 :D

(hello!!! I am back and I have lots of fluff for you!! But in all seriousness I'd like to thank :iconkatniss-hp-twilight: for requesting this and also the others who requested the others that I posted!!! ^^ I hope you enjoy!) 

You woke up this morning extra early and put on your favorite outfit. Why, you ask? Because today was the big day when you and your weapon partner/friend finally get to go to the DWMA! You were so excited that you were to the point where you were shaking. Both you father and you grandparents went to Shibusen and now you get to! Dispite your excited nature and aura your weapon partner was as calm as ever. But you can tell by looking in her eyes that she's just excited as you are...Except she's hiding it better.

 "_______!" She calls through your bedroom door, "Breakfast is ready!"

You sigh and take a deep breath, "About time!" You shout jokingly, hearing her laugh echo through the hallway. You stride down the hall and to the small kitchen with a table with just enough room for two. You grin, drooling at just the smell of the breakfast and sit at the small table. Cristina, your weapon, sets a plate stacked with pancakes and bacon. You rub your hands together and reach for your fork about to dig in, but wait until Cris sat down and began eating. When she starts eating you dive head first into the pancakes, practically devouring them in one bite. You finish eating and sit back, wiping the syrup off of your lips. "Ahhh~ Cris that was delicious!"

 "Thanks, ______." She starts, "I think we should get going if we want to get there on time."
 You look down at your watch and nod in agreement, "Alright! Lets go!"


~ time skip~

"Alright class, we have two new students," Professor Stein announces and gestures for you and Cristina to stand from your seats and walk up front, "This is _____ and Cristina, make them feel welcome." You have your arms crossed and Cris has her hands shoved in her pockets. "Hey." She says nudging you to get you to talk. "Sup." You say your voice on the verge of cracking. You never were that great in front of a lot of people. Stein claps his hands and both you and Cris nearly jump out of your skin.  "Okay, you two go back to your seats! Time for our weekly dissection!" He says causing the entire class to simultaneously groan.

You look at everyone strangely and think, "Do they really do dissections every week?!" As you and your weapon take your seats you notice a fidgeting black and white mass, with bright pink hair breaking the colors up, a few empty seats to your left (your weapon is on your right). You wait until Professor starts to go off to find enough of whatever you'd end up dissecting and turn to that curled up mass of black and white. "Pssst." You whisper. Nothing. Its still curled up, still slightly shaking, its head just peaking over its knees. You turn to your weapon partner and tell her that your going to try and talk to-well you didn't really know so you just pointed and told her you were going over there for a bit. She nods and turns to the people to her right, forcibly engaging them in conversation.

You get up and plop yourself down next to the black and white ma- wait...It was a guy?!* You lean a little closer and catch a slight glance at the strange boy's eyes before he ducks his head into his knees and almost cowers away from you, mumbling something about 'not handling' something. You sigh and smile kindly.


 You hear a very faint and muffled, "Hi." From the boy. You reach towards him and rest your hand on his shoulder, "I'm _______, what's your name?" You hear the strange boy give out a small yelp and shy away from your hand.

"His name is Crona." You look up to see a girl with green eyes and sandy blonde hair tied up into pigtails. You nod and look at Crona then back at the girl. "Oh! My names Maka and my weapon partner here," she jabs her thumb to her left, "Is Soul." You wave. "I'm _____ and my weapon partner is-"

Maka interrupts with a laugh, "I know silly. You only just introduced yourself with your weapon to the whole class a few seconds ago." Your face heats up in embarrassment, "Heh...Right." You turn back to Crona, "Well its nice to meet you Crona! I hope we can become friends!" You smile brightly in hopes of him lifting his head up. And that he does. He slowly lifts his head up and looked at you with a slightly hopeful look in his eyes and a weak smile adorning his face.

 'So.....cute.' You think to yourself, but before anything could continue Professor Stein walks back in with trays of.....Of......Man, what is that? You don't know and don't want to find out. You hear Cristina gag slightly and mumble on how she could smell it from her seat.


 "HEY! YOU!" A loud, arrogant,and annoying voice shouted. You turn around with a quite agitated look on your face. "I have a name ya know."


  You look at the origin of the loud, arrogant, and annoying voice to see a guy with spikey blue hair and some weird silver, black, and white outfit...Why does he have a star on his shoulder? You may never know.

 Next to him was a girl with long black hair and she was much taller than him. She was also wearing a strange looking outfit but hers was more tan, silver, and black, (with the exception of her white boots) and she had a yellow star stitched onto the general area of her right breast. She seemed quieter than the blue haired dude.   

 Anyway, the blue haired guy continued, "Don't think that just because you're new that you can one up me and take my spotlight!" You raise a brow, "Who said that either of us is trying to take your spotlight or whatever." You say with over exaggerated air quotes around "take your spotlight" and a ridiculous voice for good measure. "Oh really? Are you sure about that?!" He took at step forward. You half laugh, "Ha, yeah, I'm pretty sure." You also took a step forward. The both of you kept sassing each other and walking closer and closer until you both butted heads. When you realized that he was leaning on you, you decided to take a giant step back and watch him fall on his face. As he stood back up, you and Cris watched him progressively become more and more angered and looked like he was about to say something very rude, until the dark haired girl decided stepped in. "Black*Star! Calm down, we haven't even introduced ourselves to them and here you are about to get into a fight!"

  Cris steps in front of you, "Sorry about her, she has a passion for getting on strangers nerves." She says with a nervous laugh. "I DO NOT!" You shout flailing wildly behind her as she held you back. None the less she ignored you and introduced yourselves. "Anyway, I'm Cristina and the girl behind me is _______." Cris reached out a hand, "Nice to meet you." The girl smiled and met Cristina's hand and shook it. "I'm Tsubaki and this is Black*Star. I should be apologizing about him-" Cris interrupted Tsubaki, "No need! If anything its both of their faults!" Tsubaki smiled and nodded, "I guess that is true."

 "HEY!" You and Black*Star yell in unison and glare at each other. You calm down and manage to get from behind Cris and approach Tsubaki, "Hey, is it okay if I give you a nickname?" She looks a bit bewildered, but then nods. "Hmm...." You hold your chin in thought. "How about....Tsu-Tsu?" Black*Star laughs.

 "Wow! What a stupid-OW! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Tsubaki had slapped the back of his head. She turned to you and smiled, "Its a cute nickname! I like it!" You smiled and continued walking towards the main entrance, heading home. When you reach the front doors you hears two sets of loud footsteps and a voice yelling, "Hey! Wait for us!" You didn't even have to turn around to know that it was Maka and Soul. The four of you stop and wait until they catch up. When the duo reached you they were slightly out of breath. Maka let out a light giggle.

 "So I see you met Black*Star, huh?" You look over at him and back to Maka and give an exasperated nod. Even Soul laughed. "Do we want to know?" He asked.


 "No." Both you and Cris said. Once Soul and Maka's breathing was normal you all walked out and started down the great steps of the DWMA. You reach the bottom of the stairs when a thought occurs to you. You look around then turn to Maka and Soul, "Hey...Where's Crona?"

 "Oh yeah! He lives in the DWMA." Your jaw drops.

 "How?!" You shout. "Its a long story." Soul answers. You nod and drop the subject even though you are still very curious.


 You've spent the next few days trying to strike a conversation or even get Crona to hang out with you, but he just kept shying away. That was until that day. Yes. It was the day you finally convinced him to hang out with you and Cris after school. You give yourself a mental high five because you deserved it.

 You and Cris waited for Crona outside of the class. He walks out with Soul and Maka in toll. Oh yeah, I forgot. There was one catch. Since he was a little nervous around you two, Crona insisted that Soul and Maka come with. You were okay with it and everything, but you don't have enough controllers at home so Soul will have to trade every once in a while with Crona. To be fair of course.


 The evening goes well and you all agree that they should come over again. You and Cris smile and wave at the trio as they take their leave. When they're out of sight you close the door and walk to the kitchen with Cris to clean up the mess you and Maka had made trying to ended up ordering pizza, but that's not important. 

 The next few days flew by and you noticed that Crona had begun opening up to you more. He even started spending time with you without making Soul and Maka tag along. At one point he even held your hand as you walked home, when Cris wasn't looking of course. You still blush a little when thinking of that moment.

Then it happened.

You and Crona were sitting out away from everyone else at a party hosted by none other than Death the Kid. To be honest, you always kinda assumed that you would be the one to make the first move, but when Crona unexpectedly swooped over and kissed you...To say you were pleasantly surprised would be a grand understatement.  

Even now, you both seek in kisses when no ones looking, which is both adorable and frustrating for everyone else in the group. Needless to say, you and Crona are very happy together.


*Yes I know in the manga Crona's a girl, but this is from the anime. NOT the manga. *ehem* Thank you~

Crona x Reader One-shot Request
This took forever ( not really ) but I felt pretty bad for not updating in a super long time, so I just finished this and I'm going to try and make newer things!!!

//also I was pleasantly surprised when i saw that so many of you still frequented this account, so thank you so much!! you all are my motivation uvu <3//

I do not own Soul Eater or any of its characters.
You belong to youselves/ your parents (depending on ur situation)

woo!! Hope you all enjoyed UvU
Seriously though, I have kept so many of you waiting //and im sorry omg am i sorry//
And I just wanted to say that I am back (or atleast Im trying to be) and ready for action!!!!!

I am not taking requests at the moment bc i don't feel like disappointing y'all again, but I will be posting more stories and xreaders and stuff so just hang tight!!

Aight, I love you guys and I'll see you in the next upd8 :D


Rose Durante
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love love LOVE anime! No mistake for that you can ask my friends they'll agree completely. Oh and i can be pretty random and i'm a huge book worm!

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